Jeff Overturf May 2016 Black Belt of the Month


Jeff Overturf started his journey in martial arts Feb 10th 1972 under Dennis Cox

as well as Texas Karate Legend Demetrius Havanas known as ‘The Golden Greek’.


Jeff fought for 29 years in karate and 5 years in Professional Kickboxing. I was always rated in the top ten in Karate in my region and ranked 7th in the world as a professional kick boxer.  In 1991 Jeff started his own brand of martial arts called White Collar Boxing.  Which teaches good fundamentals of martial arts training with a boxing emphisis and is still going after 25 years of business.


If you watched the video you can see what a incredible intructor Jeff is!!!

White Collar Boxing 972-851-5656 or cell 469-235-2477. Classes 6 days a week.

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Chuck Timmons Black Belt of the Month April 2016

The best point fighter who ever fought in Texas Karate is without a doubt Chuck Timmons, who at 60+ years of age is still fighting and winning.


People will always argue who is the best but the facts are just this Chuck has won the Golden Greek Award 3 times and the point fighting competitor of the year championship in Texas we believe 10 or more time,s no one else comes close to his record of wins. Then their is his legacy of students which reach all over the United States Lynn Perry, Candy Perry, Calvin Cross, Kim Timmons, Melvin Weaver, Mike Willis, Chuck Timmons II, Shad Fuller, Clay Bailey, Peter Miller, Pete Ramirez, Alinda Maxwell, Dietra Spencer, Chaka Akbar, Shawn Miller, Michael Arnold, John Miller, Reuben Martinez, Jeremiah Ario-Lozano, Mhewell Ario-Lozano, Sareek Hosein , Steven James (2007), Abel Castillo (2009), Omar Abdel (2009), Kevin James (2009) , Arnie Martinez (2010), Daniel Kozak (2010), Samih Abdel (2011), Elijah Kozak (2011), Olanrewaju “Lanre” Akande (2012), Jared Kennedy-Terrell (2012), Douglas Serrano (2012), Oscar Alanis (2012) and Gabriella “Gabby” Hernandez (2012).


Chuck certainly is a counter fighter and he has learned how to feed off peoples attacks. Chuck is not the fastest or the most flexible or even the strongest athlete but what he has done is win and it makes others just go crazy.NorthRidge ChuckDeception is just given with Chuck naturally.  However if you ever get to see Chuck teach you are in for a special occasion.  Chuck has taught students that have been autistic to raising students to win the US Karate Championships.  In 1987 Chuck took a team to Mexico to fight and you know his team won.  When you think about longevity Mr Timmon’s has certaiily done something amazing just by surviving without any major injury’s and competing consistantly at the highest level.

Phone (972)290-9800


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